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How We Are Compensated


Our Fee Model is Purposefully Designed to

  • Be transparent 
  • Make independent financial advice accessible
  • Provide simplicity for clients

Investment Management 

Household Assets Under Management

  • Annual % based on Assets Under Management

  • Plan Assets
    Annual Fee

    Up to $1Mil


    $1mil - $10Mil


    $10Mil - $20MIL


    Over $20Mil


  • Assets Custodied with SEI Private Trust Company or Altruist or Fidelity (via Buckingham)
  • Held-away accounts (i.e. 401K, 529) can be managed via Pontera
  • Quarterly Client Meetings

"Effective strategic planning is more than a snapshot of a single space in time. Financial planning should be a living breathing roadmap serving you on your wealth journey, that permits alignment, monitoring, and adaptability as life happens." - Michelle Gordon

Advisory Service & Fees

Fiduciary Relationship with Ongoing Planning & Advisory Service

Investably is built around long-term client relationships by supporting your wealth journey with an empathetic, trusted professional for greater support, accountability, and focus on tax-efficient, purposeful, and strategic planning so you can focus on what is most important to you along your wealth journey, whether you are building wealth, in your peak earning years, or approaching retirement. We serve as your ongoing trusted fiduciary.

What’s Included:

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Ongoing Macro & Micro Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning & Wealth Transfer Strategies
  • Portfolio Investment Analysis (Investment management is available for additional fee
  • Complimentary estate planning documents ($5K+ value)
  • High-yielding Institutional Cash Solutions
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Strategic Lending Strategies
  • Insurance & Risk Analysis
  • Annual 1035 Analysis
  • Liquidity Event Planning
  • Tax-Smart Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Annual Retirement Macro Strategy 
  • Roth Conversion Management
  • RMD Management (if applicable) 
  • Social Security Annual Review
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Market Insights 
  • Personal Wealth Dashboard

A-La Carte One-time Services

Investably is a boutique advisory firm focused on long-term client relationships with ongoing financial planning and investment management.

To best support clients that are proficient and like managing investments on their own but may be experiencing a life transition such as inheritance or big life decision and want an objective, independent, and planning advice we provide the following:

One-time Services:

  • All-Inclusive Comprehensive Financial Plan| $7,200
  • Estate Planning Analysis Only| $3,500
  • Investment & Tax Planning Analysis Only | $3,500
  • Retirment Income Transition Plan Only | $2,500
  • College Planning Analysis Only | $500
  • 401K Investment Analysis Only | $500

NextGen Affluent Program

We are committed to promoting financial wellness and helping people start their wealth journey as soon as possible. For that reason, we offer complimentary access to an award-winning financial wellness app. 

To support you further in the early stages of your wealth journey, we provide you ongoing service.

What is included?

  • Annual Advisor Meeting
  • Portfolio Investment Analysis (Investment management is available for additional fee) 
  • Cash Flow & Goals Planning
  • Insurance/Risk Planning
  • Inheritance or Liquidity Event Planning
  • Financial Independence Tracking
  • Debt/Big Purchase Planning
  • Monthly Planning Guides & Flowcharts
  • Personal Wealth Dashboard