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Who We Serve

Affluent Women-Led Households

Common Challenges

  • Are experiencing sudden wealth from an inheritance, business exit, or corporate stock event 
  • Want objective advice without the concern of being sold to
  • Have greater odds of outliving your male partner, living longer, and having less wealth 
  • Juggling multiple responsibilities including the care of others and prefer to delegate the finances
  • Care about using your money to make meaningful impact for yourself, your family, and others

Founders & Solopreneurs 

Common Challenges

  • You don't understand what your business is worth or how to grow your valuation
  • You are making more money than you thought possible but feel you are paying too much in taxes
  • Your income is not consistent and want to make you have a good strategy for your future
  • You want to implement retirement savings for your employees but find it too confusing or cost-prohibitive
  • You are going to experience a big  financial event and want to protect your gains with a tax-efficient strategy

Affluent Professionals

Common Challenges

  • You want to explore ways to keep more of your high income and put it to work for you
  • Have stock options, RSUs, and are concerned about the effect of an upcoming liquidity event
  • You hold considerable exposure to company stock and want to reduce your exposure
  • You have been maxing out all your account options and want to learn what more you can do

Pre-Retirees or Recently Retired 

Common Challenges

  • You are within the ‘retirement red zone’ (5 years before and after your desired retirement) and are not confident or clear on how sustainable and tax-optimized is your plan of converting your savings into a sustainable monthly income
  • You are more than set financially but feel you do not have well-thought out plan for how your money will pass to others 
  • Most of your retirement money will come from the sale of your business but do not know what your business is worth
  • You want to protect your retirement lifestyle from:
    • Market timing risk
    • Inflation risk
    • Longevity risk

Non-Profit Organizations

Common Challenges

  • You are responsible for managing your organization assets to ensure you can continue to deliver on your organizations critical mission but are not sure you have sufficient support to do so
  • You have seen a change in your recent donor base and fundraising and want to optimize your assets
  • You don't have sufficient resources to help educate your donor base on ways they can contribute to your organization tax-efficiently
  • You are tired of chasing after your account reps and want to have a trusted partner you can count on to answer your call

A Holistic Wealth Management Experience