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Meet Michelle

Meet Michelle

Helping others is the secret sauce to a happy life. 

Helping others is the secret sauce to a happy life. Bethesda, MD Investably LLC

Michelle Gordon, CETF Bethesda, MD Investably LLC

Michelle Gordon, AIF®

Founder & CEO of Investably LLC

Accredited Investment Fiduciary

Wealth Advisor

STEVIE Award Winner

Featured Expert Guest Speaker on ComercioTV's Monday Closing Market Bell show

Why Did You Decide To Launch Your Firm?

I’ve worked with clients for over 18 years but always from inside corporate. For example, I am a expert in exchange-traded funds (ETF) having worked for industry-leading asset management firms. During that time, I won a STEVIE Award for my work with clients. 

However, I felt I was missing something. I wanted to work more closely with clients but without the typical constraints and sales culture you may find in other firms for someone in my role as a wealth advisor. My path is different to launching my firm is different from most. I didn't come from the sales background many others have. Instead, I come from an institutional investment product knowledge experience. You have to check 'under the hood' to assess if something is intended to work as you think it is. My 14+ years in exchange-traded funds (ETF) experience plus first-hand experience working on Wall Street during 2008 has equiped me well with a strong emphasis on the importance of how we guide investments for our clients and the fiduciary care to do what is in their best interest.

I‘m an idealist at heart so I wanted to create a client experience for clients where the focus is on the relationship and solving problems. I get the most joy from helping to solve problems or making the complex feel not-so complex anymore.

So I launched Investably LLC with the goal of creating a positive impact by helping people to be purposeful, strategic, and tax-efficient with their money. 

I am here to serve people interested in a trustworthy, ethical, caring, and kind person to help them make life’s big decisions.

What Do You Think Makes You Different? 

Aside from the obvious? Recent studies from Knight Foundation showed that only a total of 1.4% of assets are managed by women and minority-owned firms. I’m both so what % do you think I make? Ha-ha.

Seriously, what I think makes me different is simply my life view which translates to how I treat people.

I operate from a philosophy that the value of our life is more than our net worth and our balance sheet but rather the memories we create, the experience we share with loved ones, and the impact we want to make. So when I meet new potential clients, I am most interested in learning about their big dreams they’d want to create for themselves and others.  And I bring my passion to helping them fulfill that dream into my work.

Why Did You Get Into Wealth Management?

I am the daughter of really hard-working immigrants. In our case, I grew up understanding firsthand what it meant to not have the benefits of generational wealth, of passed-down knowledge, and objective advice on financial planning and investments.  

Additionally, in our surroundings, I saw the impact that a lack of workplace benefits and retirement solutions would have on families and their future.

In doing so, this experience created in me a passion for developing a deep understanding of what generates wealth, how to keep it, and also to share knowledge with others to improve their financial well-being.  Because I’ve seen firsthand the costly and long-lasting repercussions that ill-informed decisions can make on a family.

For that reason, I was 'that' teenager creating cashflow budgets, trading stocks, mapping out early retirement and real estate acquisition strategies, and opening a retirement account at 19. No surprise I pursued a career in investments and wealth planning.

What Do You Love About The Clients You Work With?

I love that I get the honor of working with people that are first or second generation in their family to go to college, start a business, or join the corporate ranks. Myself being someone that can relate to their experience and what they needed to do as an overachiever to pursue their dreams, it makes me purposeful in our approach to preserving and protecting what they have built and are continuing to build.

I also share with my clients a desire to live an extraordinary life for yourself and your family. They succeed at home and professionally and want trusted guidance that their financial affairs are being handled in their best interest. They've worked too hard for it not.

Have overcome great adversity to amass more money than you thought possible and want trusted professional support.

I love that my clients have a joy for living. They w
ant to retire comfortably, while providing for others.  They want to fully enjoy everything they've worked so hard for and understand the need to protect their assets so the next generation has a leg up.

At the end of the day, I appreciate that my clients value having a boutique experience that is thoughtful and purposeful because I want them to know that their values and dreams matter and are actually seen as the beautiful human spirit you are, rather than just one out of thousands of clients elsewhere.

How Do You Determine The Best Solutions for People?

First of all, what would be consider the best solution for one client would not necessarily be the best solution for another client.

Solutions for me really begin with understanding the client, their situation, their goals, where are they now, where are they trying to get to, what are the things they haven’t considered and need to, etc.  Essentially, what is the purpose of their lives? Therefore, what is the purpose of their money?

I see each client money situation as a puzzle and I am trying to put all the pieces together to help them create a beautiful masterpiece by having all the pieces interconnected and working with each other. 

To help with that, aside from my 15+ years of financial experience, I have invested heavily in modern technology that supports the analysis process. In addition, I collaborate with experts across fields where needed and use industry-leading research, tools, and products to curate the optimal solution.

Additionally, as the so-called ‘captain of the ship’, I have access to an exclusive institutional specialist teams of CFAs, tax and estate specialists, charitable specialists, that I collaborate with on more complex situations, more typical of clients with $1 million+ in investable assets such as a big expected windfall from the sale of a business, stock options, etc.

Ultimately, you let the research, analysis and data speak as far as the numbers. But it’s got to make sense for the specific client. There’s an art & science to this.

How Are You Compensated?

My compensation is transparent and I earn a fee for my services. Advisory is a separate service from the management of specific investments.

Clients pay me an annual flat fee for ongoing advisory services, which is split into monthly payments. 

Separately, for the service of specifically managing the money, such as trading, monitoring, and tax harvesting, etc., I use the industry standard of billing based on a percentage of assets under management.

What is your favorite quote?

“Life is not a dress rehearsal”. 

This quotes reminds me the importance of living with intention and purpose.  To make the most out of my life because the one thing we cannot buy back, no matter how millions someone has, is our lifetime. 

All the more reasons that I see the importance of being intentional with money, such as having a solid financial plan and investments to support your life goals, so you can have flexibility and control to design your life.

Briefly, What Are Some of Your Credentials?

I am a proud alumni of New York University with dual Bachelor of Arts degrees. Am an 11-year expert in exchange-trade funds (ETFs). Licensed Series 65 Investment Advisor. Licensed Life Insurance. Licensed Series 7, 63, and the very difficult Series 24 General Securities Principal license. A cumulative 15+ year financial professional and STEVIE Award-winner. I served on the board of a children’s non-profit for over 8 years as well and understand the importance of good stewardship for both private wealth and non-profits.

What Do You Do When You Are Not Working?

When I’m not helping others financially, I spend time with my life’s joy: my husband and son.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a grand-daughter, a sister-in-law, an aunt, and a friend. All of these roles keep me busy and appreciative.

I am also a life-learner, a history buff, and wanderlust. I love traveling to faraway places to experience different cultures steeped in history and whenever possible, create new family memories on white sandy beaches. While at home, you can often find me enjoying a family movie night, enjoying something Italian, or learning something new.

Lastly, I recently co-authored a book released in the summer 2023.

What Is The Best Way To Connect With You?

Simply schedule a virtual meet-and-greet zoom meeting on my calendar. I’m always happy to meet new people to learn about them and we can see if it’s a good fit. 

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Taking care of those who need you most requires you taking care of yourself first. Taking care of those who need you most requires you taking care on your self first. Bethesda, MD Investably LLC