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Helping Advisory Clients with

Annual Medicare Savings Analysis  

Helping Advisory Clients With

Annual Medicare Savings Analysis

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Why Our Financial Planning Includes Annual Medicare Reviews

4 Reasons Your Medicare Plan Needs An Annual Check-up: 

  1. Medicare plans can change.

    Your Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) premiums may increase. Your Part D prescription drug plan may introduce new medications and stop covering others. If you have Medicare Advantage, one of your doctors may move out-of-network. All sorts of changes are possible, so you need to be aware of them. Look for the Annual Notice of Change letter from your Medicare plan every year at the end of September. The letter will summarize all the changes to your coverage that will go into effect January 1.
  2. Your healthcare needs change, too.

    The coverage you had last year may not be the coverage you need now. Have you developed any new medical conditions since you enrolled in your current Medicare plan? Are you seeing any new specialists? Or have you successfully treated a condition so that it is no longer an issue? If so, consider whether your Medicare plan has given you what you need during these changes.
  3. You could save a lot of money.

    According to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, about half of those who explored their plan options annually reduced their premiums. Last year, most Healthpilot customers were offered plans with savings over $500 compared to their current coverage. Don’t miss out on reviewing your coverage. You could miss out on significant savings.
  4. There are lots of options out there now.

    If your current plan doesn’t work for you anymore, you have plenty of alternatives to choose from. But you don’t have to sort through all those plans yourself. After all, you may have dozens of Medicare plan options, depending on where you live. Just go to Healthpilot and tell us a little about how you use healthcare. Then we’ll search plans in your area and find the right plan for your specific healthcare needs.

                Source: Healthpilot

Get Started

Healthpilot is a free service to you and may be a more stress free way to view your Medicare plan options with no obligation to enroll. Healthpilot's technology predicts what coverage you may get from each available plan and what it could cost.

Going beyond copays and premiums to factor in things like deductibles and coinsurance, you can then review your estimated out-of-pocket costs and savings for each plan compared to Original Medicare, also known as Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Once you choose a plan you like, you can enroll online in minutes.

                                     Healthpilot Portal for Investably Advisory Clients

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