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Investment Management

 Independent fiduciary focused on personalized, tax-smart and

purposeful approach for your investments

Personalized, Tax-smart, and Purposeful Approach for Your Money 

"The essence of investment management is the management of risk, not the management of returns. Well-managed portfolios start with this precept."  - Benjamin Graham

How We Can Guide Your Money To Work For You 

Financial Planning Bethesda, MD Investably LLC

Align Money With Goals

Aligning money to support your competing financial goals and retirement.

Retirement Income Planning Bethesda, MD Investably LLC

Risk-Based Approach

Creating an investment strategy that aligns with your behavioral Risk Number® assessment.

Investment Management Bethesda, MD Investably LLC

Long-Term Discipline

Focused on long-term disciplined principles for core portfolios and income growth.

Insurance Planning Bethesda, MD Investably LLC

Smart Money Allocation

Strategic money allocation across tax-advantaged accounts to help you keep more money for you.

Tax Planning Bethesda, MD Investably LLC

Active Tax Planning

Improving household assets and investment tax efficiency.  

Generational Wealth Planning Bethesda, MD Investably LLC


Improving cost-efficiency with exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or direct indexing options.

our services

Curating a Purposeful & Integrated Investment Strategy 

  Personalized and Aligned with Your Money's Purpose, Risk level, capacity, and cost efficiency

Curating a Purposeful & Integrated Investment Strategy

Many women find investing confusing and complicated. It doesn’t need to be!

Using my ETF investment expertise developed through 11+ years of experience in the ETF asset management industry out of over 16+ years in financial services, I can curate a personalized ETF-based custom core investment strategy both for wealth accumulation, retirement income needs, non-profit organizations needs or more.

Being an independent fiduciary provides me the flexibility to optimally curate solutions from across industry-leading research, investment specialists, and asset managers such as Buckingham, Goldman Sachs, Altruist, SEI Investments, Blackrock, Hartford, Vanguard, State Street, J.P. Morgan, etc.

Helping you solve for:

  • Reducing tax drag from your portfolio
  • Reducing unnecessary expenses
  • Aligning to liquidity and income needs
  • Achieving greater diversification 
  • Improving portfolio optimization

Once your solid core is built, we can purposefully integrate additional solutions that may include:

  • Fixed Income Ladders | Building income streams
  • Cash Management | Protection and Optimizing return on reserves
  • Alternatives | Expanding sources of earnings
  • Direct Indexing | Tax-efficient management of existing stock positions or ESG preferences
  • Lifetime Income | Creating greater income stability for retirement or financial independence

For select clients with growth-oriented long-term trajectories, we have available:

CY, the 3x Fintech Breakthrough award-winning portfolio optimization solution that combines advanced mathematics with human advice. 

This advanced technology, built on IBM Watson, boosts our investment capability by applying a quantitative analysis data-driven approach with the capacity to screen through data on 3,000+ US ETFs to optimize a portfolio to capture more upside than downside in the market that may help clients reach their accumulation and income goals.

For our investment management clients that opt in, goal is to help clients to feel empowered to weather the storm and stay more comfortably invested through both bull and bear market cycles in order to benefit from the compounding effect that time 'in' the market may provide.

Where do I Begin?

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