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Investably's Create Your Financial Plan 

in Just 8 Weeks! 

Next cohorts start January 16, 2023 

Empower your future self by learning how to
 create your own financial plan in just 8 weeks!

Our interactive and engaging cohort-based program is designed to help you

gain practical knowledge so you can make an impact on your financial well-being.

Why You Need This... And Why You Need It Now!

According to the newest research from New Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, 4 in 10 Women Won’t Retire Until Age 70—If At All.

It's time to own your financial potential.

Someone Will Control Where Your Life Goes from Here... Shouldn't It Be You?

Most people float through life financially… letting the outside world control their sense of security and their next moves - they are simply reacting. This might seem like what everyone else is doing, so what's the big deal?… But what does it cost you in the long run?

What if you could take control to align your money with what you value most and the personal goals you care most about?

Think about it… how often do you wake up feeling in your gut that there’s more for you but you're missing out on life because you're going through the motions rather than claiming what life has for you?

In order to truly own your success and your legacy, you must explore and pivot into NEW strategies. We live in an entirely new world… what used to work simply doesn’t anymore.

The past two years have ushered in BIG financial changes for many people. Use this 8-week program as an opportunity to take control of your financial life so you can make progress towards creating the life that you desire for yourself and your family.

And at the end of this 8-week program, you can walk away with new clarity and a roadmap creating an impactful, long-term, financial plan. Take ownership of your success, your happiness, and your future. Your future self may thank you for it.


Why Join This Intimate Cohort-Based Program?

4 in 10 Women Won’t Retire Until Age 70—If At All. It's time to own your financial potential.

Our Interactive and engaging cohort-based program is designed to help you gain practical knowledge so you can make an impact on your financial well-being.

Develop a visual understanding of your financial profile

Uncover Your Big Picture

Learn how to strategically improve your savings

Discover Your Opportunities

Learn strategies to potentially increase your financial well-being and potential retirement while juggling competing priorities

Uncover Your Potential Assets

Learn With Our Six-Step I.N.C.O.M.E. Process

Take Care of Your FUTURE SELF Today!


Understand your values, your WHY, and establish your vision for your desired life.


Gain understanding of where you are now and distance to your retirement or financial goals


Get clarity on the potential roadblocks to achieving your financial goals


Learn strategies to optimize your ability to reach your financial goals


Determine and prepare to implement actionable steps that align with your values and goals


Cultivate a 'Financial Goddess' mindset with a one-page financial plan to help you stay focused

How Women May Be Impacted Financially

Why Feeling Financially Secure Matters

Wealth Gap
Women experience a wealth gap as a result of making 80 cents for every dollar a man makes (even less for women of color)

More Caregiving
Women lose $16,000 a year from taking time away from work to care for family and have been significantly impacted during the last two years
More Debt
Women generally have more student loan debt, nearly two-thirds of the outstanding student debt in the US
Living Longer
Women risk outliving assets due to longer life expectancy with an average of 81.1 years versus 76.1 for men

Next cohorts start January 16, 2023

reserve Your Spot Today!

Michelle Gordon, CETF®

Founder & CEO of Investably LLC

Financial Expert, 

STEVIE Award Winner 

Your 8-Week Financial Journey Guided By...

Hi, I'm Michelle Gordon, Founder & CEO of Investably LLC.  

A STEVIE Award-winner, NYU alum, financial professional with over 15 years of experience, and the founder of Investably LLC. My mission is to help hard-working women to have an impactful, enjoyable life while making financial decisions that support their lifestyles and needs. 

Additionally, as a working mother, entrepreneur, wife, and daughter, I understand the unique challenges that busy women face and our competing priorities, and more often our needs get pushed to the back burner.

Investably is a unique women-minority-owned registered investment advisory boutique--one of a few in the country. We specialize in helping high-achieving women feel empowered and confident about their money by making it work for them, using it to live their best life, and building generational wealth for their loved ones to enjoy. We provide independent, personalized, holistic advice for wealth building, protection, and transfer. 

I realize I can’t help everyone on an individual basis, so I created this 8-week cohort-based program as a way to help as many women as possible to go from feeling financial insecurity to feeling financially confident in their understanding of their current picture and the steps they can take to create a better financial future to live their best life. It is my biggest hope to make a meaningful impact in my people's lives.

When it comes to financial matters, time is your best friend so the sooner you start your journey towards creating your compelling financial future that more your future-self may thank you.

Impactful Benefits

Interactive, Visual, Expert-guided, Comprehensive


Live weekly group virtual session capped at 25 participants


20+ On-demand hours of guided financial planning & education


VIP 1-on-1 Expert Session


Financial Wellness Assessment


Retirement Income Assessment


Investment Portfolio Risk Profile


Personalized Tax Snapshot (optional)


20+ Decision-oriented Flowcharts


20+ Issue-based Checklists


Access to planning technology

 Intimate Cohort-based Financial Program (valued at $5,000+)

Cohorts are limited to 25 spots each

One-time Payment


For less than $20/day, invest in taking care of your future self.

Grab your spot

Monthly Payment Plan


Make two (2) easy monthly payments of $499.50.

Grab your spot

Confidently Be Able to Answer These Questions: 

The Elements Financial Planning System™ is coming soon!


Do I need to know to be familiar with investments?

No - You will learn about general investment principles and financial concepts within the program. However, note that you do need to be comfortable with using technology. The program is interactive and will make use of technology to help with your personal assessments and in creating your financial plan.

What is a Financial Plan?

A financial plan is your blueprint for the actions necessary to take to help you go from your present to your desired life. A clear action plan keeps you accountable and provides direction to your financial journey. More importantly, it may help you uncover key strategies to implement that can potentially be a meaningful financial impact on your life.

Do I need to make a minimum amount of income?

No - This 6-step Retirement I.N.C.O.M.E. program will guide you through creating your own personalized financial plan for the life you desire to have whether you make $50,000 or $250,000.

Why is the program limited to a cohort of 25?

While most of the program is on-demand such as educational videos, assessments, and reading materials, there is a live group weekly session designed to be an intimate supportive environment to share challenges, questions, and experiences with this financial journey.

What date and times are the live sessions? Choose your cohorts per scheduled live sessions: 

  • Tuesdays 11am ET
  • Tuesdays 1pm ET
  • Wednesdays 2pm ET