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Small Business 401K

 Helping mission-driven entrepreneurs elevate their businesses with retirement plans that better support their employees' financial health while enjoying potential business tax benefits. 

Empowering the Engines of Business

Keeping talented employees is the backbone of many successful businesses and having access to quality employer-based retirement plans is the backbone for many people’s future financial well-being.

Small businesses employ 58.9 million people, which makes up 47.5% of the country’s total employee workforce.

- SBA, 2019

Common Concerns

  • Losing talent to firms with better retirement benefits?
  • Finding retirement plan solutions too costly or complex?
  • Have an existing retirement plan but don't remember the last time you saw your Account Executive?
  • Don't believe you have the fiduciary knowledge or experience to manage a retirement plan appropriately?
  • Your business is in Maryland state and has not yet complied with the new Maryland state-mandated retirement plan law?

Why Does This Matters?

Small Businesses may be Affected by:

  • Lower retention puts a strain on business budgets and existing employee morale

  • Greater financial stress and financial insecurity about their future may reduce employee productivity or increase turnover

  • A business may be out of compliance with existing state-mandated retirement plans and/or DOL ERISA guidelines 

    • For example, Maryland requires small businesses with 2 years of operation AND with 5 or more employees on automatic payroll to provide a form of employer retirement plan option.

How We Help Small Business Owners

401K Quarterback Service Model

  • Guide on implementation of new cost-effective retirement plans that help with compliance to state-mandated retirement laws.

  • Perform independent 3rd party evaluation of your existing plan to address these questions:

    • Are plan fiduciaries performing?

    • Are service contracts from plan vendors being fulfilled?

    • Are there service gaps that can be fixed?

  • Serve as a 3(21) investment advisor with on-going support, including quarterly meetings and annual scorecard, to support your fiduciary responsibilities and your plan’s success in three critical dimensions:

    • Plan Administration

    • Investment Process

    • Participant Outcomes.

  • Provide financial wellness programs that can support your employees financial health with education and on-going monitoring tools on 12 financial health vitals. 

Bonus Benefits of Working With Investably

  • New Plan Onboarding in a Matters of Days
  • Industry-leading partner providing all-in-one 3(16) solutions that may alleviate a significant amount of work and integrates with most payroll systems.
  • Specializing in helping small businesses with less than 200 people and less than $10 mil in assets
  • FiduciaryRx™ scores your plan according to the 6 key dimensions that drive plan success for both your company and your employees:

    • Fiduciary Governance | Plan Design | Fee Structure

    • Investment Process | Participant Support | Provider Management

“Investably is on a mission of helping small business owners and their employees to gain better retirement plan tools that may support them in building a more secure financial future.”

Where do I Begin?

Let’s Have A Chat About Your Needs

Schedule a 30 minute consultation to discuss your business needs & receive a FREE Benchmark Report if you have an existing plan in place.

After your initial consultation, we may proceed with:  

  • A follow-up meeting to discuss the personalized proposal plan to address your specific needs

  • Sign client agreement and proceed with implementation

  • If a new retirement plan is needed, it can be set up in a matter of days after agreement signing.


Small Business Benefits

  • Set up new 401(k) plan in a matter of days 
  • Low cost 401(k) retirement plan option
  • Low-cost investment funds
  • Annual FiduciaryRx™ Scores 
  • Small business tax benefits
  • Simply & transparent pricing
  • Increased employee retention 
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Integration with most payroll providers

Employee Benefits

  • Access to Wealth-building Retirement Plans
  • Personalized Financial Health Vitals Monitoring
  • Active Financial Education
  • Social Security Planning
  • College Planning
  • Risk Protection Planning
  • Annual Financial Benchmark
  • Support Financial Peace of Mind

Taking care of those who need you most requires you taking care of yourself first.

Let’s discuss your needs today!

Let’s Chat - Schedule a Call