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Creating Your Roadmap to Greater Retirement Security, Confidence, and Well-being

Work with a trusted fiduciary specialized in retirement income decumulation strategy

“Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of the open highway.”  – Author Unknown

Investably specializes in helping clients decumulate and enjoy a monthly retirement income stream by creating a strategy that may incorporate:

  • Reducing long-term tax liability

  • Optimizing withdrawal strategies

  • Coordinating optimal social security strategy

  • Allocating for healthcare cost assumptions

  • Creating a greater source of tax-free income

  • Minimizing Medicare surcharges if applicable

  • Protecting inheritance for your loved ones

  • Aligning a more tax-efficient charitable giving

Once we have created your optimal macro retirement income strategy, 

we will design your personalized investment strategy to help extend your portfolio longevity

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Create Monthly Retirement Income

  • Risk of outliving your assets

  • Risk of not keeping up with inflation and increased healthcare cost 

  • Risk of investments being affected by the timing of retirement, market conditions, or more

  • Actively managing risk and taking advantage of opportunities to de-risk when prudent

  • Managing expectations of what you can anticipate having at each segment

  • Managing fears that you may outlive your assets

  • Living longer and potentially outliving their assets

  • Wealth gap resulting in lower retirement savings

  • Loss or reduced income due to caregiving

  • More student loan debt

  • Lack of equal pay

  • Mommy-tracked in their professional careers

  • Lack of access to capital in funding their businesses

  • Subject to the Widow penalty

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