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Investment Management

Long-term Investment Management Approach

to Support Long-term Goals

Core Principles

Long-term Disciplined Approach

Long-term disciplined principles of managing for diversification, buy and hold core portfolio, and creating potential compounding income streams from investments to reduce principal withdrawals.

Goal & Cash flow Investment Alignment

Aligning investment strategies to support competing financial demands such as immediate cash flow needs, mid-term life goals, and retirement or financial independence.

Risk-based Personalization

Putting the personal in personalized investment strategy by applying a risk-based approached based on your behavioral Risk Number® assessment.

Tax-smart Efficiency         

Focused on monitoring and strategic improvement of overall long-term tax efficiency across household assets and investment portfolio. Using modern technology and human input for tax-loss harvesting and rebalancing applied where applicable.

Cost-sensitive Efficiency

Utilizing low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or direct indexing options to help clients keep more money working for them.