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Investably's Create Your Financial Plan 

in Just 8 Weeks! 

On #EqualPayDay and I am very happy to announce a special program…

Why now?

According to the #NationalCommitteeonPayEquity, “Today symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.”

As a woman, a woman of color, a Latina, an immigrant, a mom, a wife, a daughter, this subject is very personal. This not only impacts women in the present but also our households, our children, our long-term wealth, and how we can support our loved ones.

WHY this matters:

AAUW recently highlighted “The pay gap follows women into retirement:

As a result of lower lifetime earnings, they receive less in Social Security and pensions.

Women collect only 80% of what men collect in Social Security benefits and just 76% in pensions. 

In terms of overall retirement income, women have only 70% of what men do.

White men over 65 have an average annual income of $44,200, while white women over 65 must get by on $23,100, Black women on $21,900, and Latinas on $14,800.”

All the more reasons that we have to be proactive and plan for ourselves.

As a 15-year financial professional, I understand all too well the impact that lack of planning and lack of holistic advice can have on someone’s future.

So, let’s remember the impact of lack of equal pay is far-reaching, and do something about it.

It is my purpose to help uplift others through holistic advice and help them align their money with their goals and values towards creating a life they desire.

If you know of someone that could benefit from this upcoming program, click here to learn more.