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Our Holistic Wealth Process

Holistic Approach to Orchestrating Your Financial Well-being


Consultation to New Client Onboarding Journey

Create Your Initial Holistic Financial Picture & Roadmap 

gain clarity of your big financial picture & Develop Your Initial Roadmap 

Implement Your Financial Plan and Ongoing Planning Guidance

Commence Your Trusted Guidance For Your Wealth Journey


Your initial financial roadmap is your starting point. Gain the peace of mind of having a trusted professional helping you by orchestrating your financial big picture and keeping you on track.

  • Schedule Your Proactive Client Service 

  • Collaborate on the Implementation Of Your Financial Plan

  • Begin Monthly Financial Vitals Check-ins

Implement Your Investment Accounts with Industry-Leading Custodians 

Putting Your Money to work for you

Digitally open your accounts with our industry-leading Custodian partners to implement your investment strategies.


SEI Private Trust Company maintains custody of client assets and holds them separately, in the client’s name. This is a different approach from a bank or brokerage firm that is able to commingle client assets with its own assets.  


For Emerging Wealth Program. An all-in-one platform for RIAs and their clients.


For management held-away accounts such as 401K, college 529s, etc.

Empowering Your Financial Confidence

High-touch service to support your wealth journey

By working together, you can have a trusted partner alongside you with a boutique high-touch service that includes:

  1. Monthly financial vitals check-in
  2. Quarterly asset reviews
  3. Scheduled and consistent planning meetings 
  4. Monthly and Quarterly Market Insights reports

Feel Financially Empowered By Knowing Your Important Wealth Vitals That Power Your Life's Biggest Decisions

The Elements Financial Planning System™ is coming soon!

Get Your Personalized Financial Vital Snapshot