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Financial & Retirement Income Planning 


On-going Holistic Financial & Retirement Income Planning


Investably offers on-going financial planning on a fixed annual fee basis based on complexity and client need, paid monthly or quarterly.  

This is best for 

Busy professionals, business owners, and retirees who want to simplify their financial life by being more hands-off while remaining proactive in working towards financial and life goals, planning for retirement, desiring greater accountability with investing and achieving financial well-being, or simply focused on enjoying what matters most to them.

What is Included?

This complete holistic annual service includes proactive monitoring and planning around the main topics of life goals and cash flow needs, retirement planning, investments alignment, protection and estate planning, and family planning and is inclusive of the areas covered in a one-time plan. 

This annual service includes proactive communication starting with three (3) regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year, monthly market updates, pro-active service and more. Additional client meetings beyond the regularly scheduled cadence are available to address client needs or event situations that may arise throughout the year.

Click here for our Annual Client Service Calendar.

One-time Holistic Financial or Retirement Income Planning Project

Investably offers one-time holistic project-based financial planning or retirement income planning on a fixed fee basis. 


Clients who wants a complete holistic plan including investment portfolio assessments but may not need or desire for additional on-going planning support.  In addition, this service is a good starting point for someone who has never met with a Financial Professional before and has a one time need such as creating a wealth building plan for their young family or someone interested in creating a retirement income plan both pre or post retirement. 


Goal and cash flow financial planning, personal balance sheet and budgeting, pre- and post- retirement plan including Social Security Analysis, Personalized Risk assessment, Investment Portfolio Analysis and Recommendations, Protection/Insurance Planning, Tax-smart asset planning, longevity & healthcare analysis, Benefits Review, Estate Asset Review, and individual goals such as college, home, and other funding needs.

Note: Smaller one-subject engagements are available for 401K investment review, college 529 planning, desiring an estate or tax snapshots, etc.  Email me to learn more.


Investment Management 

Investment Management

  • Annual % based on Assets Under Management
  • Plan Assets
    Annual Fee

    Up to $2Mil


    $2mil - $10Mil


    $10Mil - $20MIL


    Over $20Mil


  • Assets Custodied with SEI and Altruist. Held-away accounts (i.e. 401K, 529) may be managed via Pontera
  • No Minimum Assets Required
  • Regularly Planned Meetings


Our Fee Model is Purposefully Designed to

  • Be transparent 
  • Make independent financial advice accessible
  • Provide simplicity for clients

To start your financial journey with Investably, schedule a call today.

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